Disturbing My Serenity

I sit here amidst my spiritual waters bathing and caressing my soul and mind. I glimpse at the gifts the Divine bestow on me. Yet you are determined to rattle my serenity by throwing boulders at the Water Lilies or Lotus Flowers which bloom in my spiritual waters.  Their essence and perfume raise my spirit … Continue reading Disturbing My Serenity


Whose Fight is it?

Many years ago when I was first exploring the various new age groups which numerous people have done. It is a whole new can of worms which is opened before you in such an alluring format.  I did this, I used to visit a crystal shop in the city center near where I lived.  A … Continue reading Whose Fight is it?


Mirroring is one of the New Age expressions to try and bring everyone together and on one level. There is not one Good Soul who mirrors another as all Good Souls are unique, therefore, there is nothing within them that is a reflection of another person.  This is just impossible.  We are unable to reflect … Continue reading Mirroring