Redemption Prayer

  Redemption Prayer Elohim The Mighty Ones, Yahweh the Self-existent Ones, Yeshua/Jesus Christ of Nazarenes Holy Archangel Mikhail, Holy Archangel Azrael, Holy Archangel Raphael I NOW ask you all to hear my plea as I ask for mercy and forgiveness.  I open myself to be redeemed for all the harmful or wrongful acts I have … Continue reading Redemption Prayer


Commitment Prayer

  I commit myself to you Oh Mighty Ones, Exalted ones, The Blessed and Merciful ones, The Wisest, The Creators of the All, The Protectors, Teachers from the Most High, Supreme Manifestors, The Highest Soul Love and powerful brilliant White Light which lights the way for all the redeemed ones and followers of the righteous … Continue reading Commitment Prayer