What No Empathy?

What No Empathy?  I keep seeing and hearing this all too often. Does anybody ever ask why people have no empathy? Do they realise why so many people do not have empathy? Empathy is a gift one which is bestowed on a natural healer and this is done by God it is not something you … Continue reading What No Empathy?


Why do people misuse Empathy

Gripe for today and always, OH so fed-up of people using #Empathy when they should use words like #Understand or #Sympathise #Sympathy.   #Empathy is a gift a few people who do healing have. It is natural and cannot be learned. An Empath can see into the body of a person, can feel the exact … Continue reading Why do people misuse Empathy


Empath is an integral part of the Soul which has been created by God it is an honour to have Empathic attributes or components added to your Soul.  When God decides to bestow this gift upon a Healer it is for their exceptional dedication to All that is Good, The Divine and God.  You will … Continue reading Empaths