Bubbling Emotional Issues

    Lately I have had many emotional issues bubbling away and requiring to be released. I recently achieved a long-awaited goal it took five months and a few hours to gain my visa to live another year in Egypt. What did I learn from this long wait and now it is accomplished? I have … Continue reading Bubbling Emotional Issues


Self Healing

Many years I have worked as a Natural Healer.  A Natural Healer must undertake self-healing it is important to clear yourself of emotional baggage and illnesses. There are many forms of Self Healing and the one I have been using the most is releasing deep-rooted emotions collected over the years.  The more you allow your … Continue reading Self Healing

Yes or No

  I used to get nervous in many situations until I realised the answer would be yes or no. Then my life became so more simple.   Simply Be You, Live Your Life Simply