Jealousy is a very bad emotion. There is no need to be jealous of anyone. You do not know the road or their life before now. Today may be the first or only day of Good Luck. You should celebrate their good luck and be happy for them. A good person will always share their … Continue reading Jealousy

God’s Gifts

Gifts from God. Everyone is looking for the big thing or happening in their life. So busy waiting and looking that you miss all the small gifts given daily to you. It is all the small good things in life which make the Big Gift. Gratitude is very important. When you acknowledge to God you … Continue reading God’s Gifts

Self Healing

Many years I have worked as a Natural Healer.  A Natural Healer must undertake self-healing it is important to clear yourself of emotional baggage and illnesses. There are many forms of Self Healing and the one I have been using the most is releasing deep-rooted emotions collected over the years.  The more you allow your … Continue reading Self Healing

I want peace!

We all want peace.   I live in Egypt and every time something happens which are terrorist everyone hangs their head in disappointment.  Blame always is directed at the Muslims. Someone is causing trouble and for sure we do not know the truth.  We are told what to believe.  I like to think for myself. … Continue reading I want peace!