Juddering, Trembling, Uncontrolled Shaking. When this first started happening to me a few years ago it was a mild twitching.  I felt uneasy about it and refused to read up anything medical on this.  As usual I believed it was something spiritual happening to me.  I have been constantly cleansing and releasing especially deep-seated issues. … Continue reading Juddering


Two Poppies

  Just two poppies for the two men who mattered most to me. My Father and my Uncle. My Father was based in Egypt during WWII he was a sergeant in the Air Force he worked on the Radar. In those days the Radar was a prototype. He was based in Alexandria, El Alamein, Luxor … Continue reading Two Poppies

Children need a forever home too!

This video struck a deep note within me. https://www.ted.com/talks/tara_winkler_why_we_need_to_end_the_era_of_orphanages?utm_source=newsletter_weekly_2017-09-02&utm_campaign=newsletter_weekly&utm_medium=email&utm_content=top_left_image I have been saying for many years people who are unable to have children should adopt or go without.  There are so many children who are unnecessarily put into care or institutions.  It is not always the case the parents or often a single mother is … Continue reading Children need a forever home too!

Truth Seeker

Over thirty years ago I re-confirmed my committment to God and within this I asked God show me the Truth in all things about myself and others.  From this day I became a Truth Seeker. The most difficult part of being a Truth Seeker is being shown your own mistakes, be them thoughts, words and … Continue reading Truth Seeker