The Strong Message

  I know some of the post I write are quite strong in the messages. They are meant to be. It is to get people to wake-up.   Telling people they are wonderful, good and loved all the time is not going to make changes, because they think everything is perfect when it isn't. They … Continue reading The Strong Message


Truth Seeker

Over thirty years ago I re-confirmed my committment to God and within this I asked God show me the Truth in all things about myself and others.  From this day I became a Truth Seeker. The most difficult part of being a Truth Seeker is being shown your own mistakes, be them thoughts, words and … Continue reading Truth Seeker

Self Healing

Many years I have worked as a Natural Healer.  A Natural Healer must undertake self-healing it is important to clear yourself of emotional baggage and illnesses. There are many forms of Self Healing and the one I have been using the most is releasing deep-rooted emotions collected over the years.  The more you allow your … Continue reading Self Healing

I want peace!

We all want peace.   I live in Egypt and every time something happens which are terrorist everyone hangs their head in disappointment.  Blame always is directed at the Muslims. Someone is causing trouble and for sure we do not know the truth.  We are told what to believe.  I like to think for myself. … Continue reading I want peace!