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Soul Love

What do you gain from working with your soul?

Working with your soul opens you up to truths about yourself and others.  You learn how to deal with past hurts and issues as and when you are ready to face them.  It is a journey of self-realisation.  Only your soul has the answers to your problems and life journey or timeline.

would you like to find happiness and answers to questions?  

You can learn about the many of your own mysteries. Your soul knows all the answers to your past, present and future.  Some the future is withheld until you are ready to unwrap the new life journey or information.

Why should you connect to your soul?

Learning to connect correctly with your Soul is very important as this is your true being your essence.  Your Soul holds much more than intuition and you must learn how to work with your Soul correctly to find your “own power”.  Your Soul is your own power which connects to the Divine and God.

You cannot be misled by your Soul as this is your true being and no harm is wished from yourself.  In today’s world full of deception it is hard to know in the spirit world what is good and bad.  You can end up with a life full of chaos and trauma as I did being guided by people who neither cared or knew what they were doing. You do not want to go down this route ever. Therefore, the best way for you to work is with your Soul.

Would you like to find peace within yourself?

I know so many are looking for peace and healing and through my own experiences I now am able to give the correct support to others who are making their own unique life journey too so they can confidently walk along their own path.

Are you in control of your life?

Being in control of my own life is very important to me and you may have struggled with the constraints and limits other people impose.  Learn how to regain your sovereignty.

Step by step guidance from your soul

See how your soul can guide you out of the maze which surrounds you and helps you to put life puzzles together. What amazing knowledge do you have hidden away to help yourself and others?

Would you like to learn to heal yourself ?

Working with your Soul you can do this?  Once you connect with your Soul correctly and start opening the vast pool of information you have stored over lifetimes you will empower and heal yourself.

You will find by contacting me to be very sincere, honest, helpful and you will be very happy that you have crossed my path in your Life Journey.  For sure if you are feeling down I will make you smile or laugh.

 Consultation details can be found on this link.


Please know I have to be very selective with whom I  choose to work with. I do occasionally turn away (gently) those who would not be a good fit for my readings, consultations and courses as I feel they would not receive the benefits they signed up for.  There are times when it is difficult to read a person for various reason and I would rather be honest with you at the start.