Looking for Spiritual Truths?

When you go along your spiritual paths so often tempted to venture along different routes because they are different and look appealing. But are they? Over the years I have looked at different forms of spirituality as the "church" failed me.  God and Yeshua never failed me. I looked at Buddhism and I knew this … Continue reading Looking for Spiritual Truths?


The Flow of Soul Love

  The Flow of Soul Love. Soul Love comes from your Soul it is your pure essence as created by God, the Universal Consciousness, Elohim and Yahweh. This essence or vibration is pure so when you connect to God or the Divine and project or expand your Soul Love you are creating massive waves of … Continue reading The Flow of Soul Love

Commitment Prayer

  I commit myself to you Oh Mighty Ones, Exalted ones, The Blessed and Merciful ones, The Wisest, The Creators of the All, The Protectors, Teachers from the Most High, Supreme Manifestors, The Highest Soul Love and powerful brilliant White Light which lights the way for all the redeemed ones and followers of the righteous … Continue reading Commitment Prayer

What is Empathy?

So you think your an Empath do you! What is Empathy? Empathy is part of a Natural Healer's Soul as created by God.  It brings with it great responsibility in the Natural Healing Arts.  Empath is natural to the soul who has this innate talent or gift.  There is no choice in being an Empath, … Continue reading What is Empathy?

Soul Types

Soul Types once again focusing on Good Souls. Good Souls the creation of God and the Divine.  They are pure magnificent orbs of energy.  Souls be them young or ancient Good Souls are created with their full potential and majority of their talents or gifts. The Young Good Souls have limitations placed on what they … Continue reading Soul Types