I have known Nanette for 4 years now and I used to talk about her work with her.  My sister had a problem with psychic attack from local people and they were becoming more serious.  My sister had got to the point of wanting to kill herself and could not stop screaming from the internal pain of the demonic attacks and it became so bad my sister had to be hospitalised.  The doctors could do nothing for her except watch her.  I asked Nanette if she could help my sister and without hesitation Nanette did her work for my sister.  Immediately my sister started to calm down and all the screaming stopped. After one week of observations the doctors could not understand how quickly my sister changed and discharged my sister allowing her to go home.  Since then Nanette has prayed daily for my sister and now 18 months later my sister is free from these psychic and demon attacks which are performed through bad magic here.  Thanks to God and Nanette for her love and kindness.


A H S, Egypt 26 July 2016