I have known Nanette for many years and she could clearly see what was going on around me and suggested I should do something about it.  I did not believe her.  My life became more difficult I could not clear my head, think, eat, I did not know what I was doing and I thought I had lost Nanette as a friend.  Nanette came back into my life when I really needed her.  Nanette told me she had done some special prayers for me and advised me to do the prayers from her book, Self Defense Through Prayer.  I tried one of the prayers really I was feeling so different. I was starting to see people more clearly.  I did not know people I had trusted could be so bad. I do all the prayers and at last beginning to feel good and taking control of my life again.  Nanette believes we should be in control of ourselves. The best thing about Nanette she is always there for you and you can really depend on her to help you.


Anonymous Egypt 2013